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College Prep’s college counseling process is individualized and introspective and our college counselors are eager to guide and cheer on our students as they consider their future.
The college counseling process begins in junior year and is an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves as thinkers, campus citizens, and young adults. Our students take responsibility for meeting deadlines, researching colleges, registering for tests, and completing applications. We actively support students and families as they learn about and navigate their college options.

While keeping our focus on the student, it is important for all of us—students, parents, and counselors—to work collaboratively throughout the process. Honest communication, an open mind, patience, and positivity enable a smooth, healthy process.

Our goal is to ensure that our students take their enthusiasm for learning, engagement with community, and academic and life skills with them on their next adventure.

what to expect each year

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  • Freshman Year

    Students become accustomed to the rigor and rhythm of their classes, pursue interests that invigorate them, get to know their peers, and enjoy College Prep. College counseling is not necessary for freshmen.
  • Sophomore Year

    Students focus on building their academic skills and excelling in their classes. Students are also encouraged to participate in activities that bring them joy and inspiration. This is a good year to practice balancing coursework and play. College counseling is not necessary for sophomores.
  • Junior Year

    College counseling begins this year. Toward the end of the fall, junior parents are invited to a presentation that outlines the specifics of the college counseling process. A subsequent private meeting between parents and the college counselors ensures that each family has an opportunity to communicate openly. During the spring semester, the students work closely with the counselors in both small groups and one-on-one settings. They receive individualized help with research and essay writing to ensure that their college search is substantive and productive. Over the summer, counseling continues; students respond to feedback on their application essays and, perhaps, visit prospective colleges.
  • Senior Year

    Students benefit from the work that they have done during their junior year. They finish their essays, finalize their list of prospective colleges, and file their applications. By winter break, the majority of our students have many of their applications completed and await news. This is an especially apt time to feed them delicious food.

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  • Photo of Rosanna  Llorens

    Rosanna  Llorens 

    Director of College Counseling
    510-652-0111 x254
  • Photo of Ali Underwood

    Ali Underwood 07

    Associate Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Lisie Harlow

    Lisie Harlow 

    College Counseling Assistant/Academic Data Manager
    510-652-0111 x247

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