We know that cost is on the minds of many families who are considering independent schools. Providing access and affordability are essential to creating a socio-economically diverse educational community. 
Our financial aid program helps ensure that talented students from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds can attend College Prep. 所有的助学金都是不需要偿还的助学金. 今年, 27%的澳门生获得经济援助, 平均奖助金超过32美元,000. 财政援助预算超过300万美元, 个人补助金从3美元到10美元不等,500到全额学费.
Families are required to complete a financial aid application and submit supporting documents annually. 补助金可以向上或向下调整, though a family whose financial circumstances doesn't change much during their time at College Prep can expect similar levels of support each year. 
College Prep awards financial aid based on the methodology used by 清晰经济援助 as well as our own financial aid guidelines. 首次申请经济资助的申请人应提交 在线申请 2024年1月9日.

申请经济援助需要支付60美元的不可退还费用. 对于符合收入标准的家庭,该费用将自动免除. 如果这笔费用是一个困难,你不自动有资格获得豁免, 请通过financialaid@college-prep与财务援助办公室联系.org.

的re is a separate non-refundable $100 fee for the application for admission to College Prep. To inquire about a full or partial waiver for this fee, please email admissions@college-prep.或致电(510)652-4364.


  • 如何申请经济资助

    清晰的应用程序 是财政援助过程的核心吗. 大多数湾区私立学校都采用这种常见的申请方式. 有关经济援助问题,请发送电子邮件至financialaid@college-prep.或致电510.420.2345. 可通过support@clarityapp与清晰客户服务联系.com.

    第一步:通过以下方式完成你的经济援助申请 清晰经济援助
    • 1月9日到期, 2024年(截止日期为12月1日), 2023年(资助家庭返乡)
    • 访问清晰网站开始您的应用程序
    • 提交申请的费用是60美元. 符合条件的家庭将自动获得学费减免. 如果这笔费用是一个困难,你不自动有资格获得豁免, 请通过financialaid@college-prep与财务援助办公室联系.org.
    第二步:上传 2023 联邦税表1040到你的清晰账户 
    • 2月23日到期, 2024年新的财政援助申请者(截止日期为4月15日, 2024年助学金家庭回国)
    • 上传完成 2023 联邦税表1040,包括所有附表, W-2’s, 和证明文件到你的清晰账户.
  • 经济援助常见问题

    College Prep financial aid awards are based on an application and supporting tax documents. 的 金融援助 Committee then determines each family's demonstrated financial need, which is defined as the difference between what a family can afford to pay and the full cost of College Prep's tuition. 

    All current and prospective College Prep students are eligible to apply for aid, 无论他们的年级水平或目前的经济援助状况如何.
    Could the request for financial aid impact my child’s chances of being accepted for admission?
    的 school’s financial aid budget is able to meet the need of most eligible 申请人. 在某些年份, the outcomes of a small percentage of qualified students may be impacted once the financial aid budget is expended.
    如果我没有申请或没有资格获得经济援助, 我可以支付一年的全额学费,然后再申请经济资助吗?
    College Prep assumes that all students who enroll without receiving financial aid will be able to pay full tuition each year. Unless your family circumstances change significantly while your child is a student at the school, 在随后的年份将不再提供经济援助.
    是的,所有经济援助接受者必须每年重新申请经济援助. 奖学金每学年颁发一次. A family whose financial situation remains relatively unchanged can generally expect the same percentage of their tuition to be covered by financial aid from year-to-year. 对于现在的澳门家庭, all future financial aid awards are contingent upon payment of the prior year’s account.
    For 新 students, financial aid decisions are sent alongside admission decisions. 今年,这个日期是2024年3月15日. Returning students receive financial aid awards at the same time they receive their enrollment agreement for the following year, 通常在三月.
    Is there a minimum GPA required to maintain a student’s financial aid eligibility?
    No, College Prep maintains the same standards of academic performance and behavior for recipients of financial aid as it does for non-recipients.
    财政援助申请只由财政援助委员会审查. 学校对经济援助申请保密, 记录, and decisions while respecting the right of each family to discuss its own financial aid outcomes in an appropriate manner.
    非学费费用通常为每年1000 - 1500美元. Many financial aid recipients can expect to receive about the same percentage of their non-tuition costs covered as their tuition costs. 例如, a student receiving a financial aid award equal to 50% of tuition will have about half of their non-tuition expenses paid for by the school. Non-tuition expenses include books, the Intraterm program, and the annual laptop fee, among others.
    如果我离婚了,经济援助委员会需要什么信息, 分离, 或者不要和我孩子的另一个澳门住在一起?
    如果学生的澳门不住在一起, 是否分开, 离婚了, 或者从未结婚, each 家长 should complete a separate application that is reflective of their own household and financial picture. If one or both 家长s has remarried, step家长 information should be included as well.

    清晰 calculates each household's ability to pay and College Prep makes an award based on the 结合 双方家庭的决定.
    What if my child’s non-custodial 家长 is not willing to complete a financial aid application?
    Financial aid is determined by each 家长's ability to pay, not their willingness. If the non-custodial 家长 has little or no contact with their child for a significant period of time, 而且几乎不提供任何财政支持, 助学金委员会可酌情豁免该要求. 在这种情况下, College Prep requires a written statement from a non-family member (such as a family lawyer, 神职人员的人, 社会工作者, or school official) who is aware of the family situation in a professional capacity. If the non-custodial 家长 is providing financial support and/or is in contact with their child, 澳门需要他们的参与. 
    我是全职妈妈,不外出工作. 我的家庭还会被考虑申请经济资助吗?
    公平对待家庭, College Prep typically attributes a small income for stay-at-home 家长s to the financial aid calculations. Exceptions to this policy may occur if a 家长 is caring for a child not yet of school age, 残疾儿童有残疾的儿童, 病重的孩子, 家长, 或祖澳门, 或者澳门一方残疾不能工作. Please inform the 金融援助 Committee in writing of these circumstances at the time of your initial application by disclosing your situation in the financial aid application.
    如果我们在获得奖励后无法支付家庭捐款, 有上诉程序吗?
    如果你觉得你不能支付家庭的贡献, please contact the 金融援助 Office and provide additional documentation supporting your claim.
    Please contact 乔纳森 Zucker, Director of 金融援助, at (510) 420-2345 or jonathan@gkym.net
  • 重要的经济援助日期

    • 2023年9月1日: 清晰 申请开始申请2024-25学年.
    • 2023年11月8日下午4:00: 提供澳门:揭秘经济援助网络研讨会 变焦.
    • 2023年12月1日: 财政援助申请截止日期 返回 申请人.
    • 2023年12月8日上午10:00: 提供澳门:揭秘经济援助网络研讨会 变焦.
    • 2024年1月8日下午6点: 提供澳门:揭秘经济援助网络研讨会 变焦.
    • 2024年1月9日: 财政援助申请截止日期  申请人.
    • 2024年2月23日: Completed 2023 federal tax returns (including all schedules) should be uploaded to your 清晰的应用程序 by this date for all 申请澳门助学金.
    • 2024年3月15日下午4:00:  新录取的学生将收到经济援助通知 应用门户
    • 2024年3月22日上午10:00: 收到助学金的新入学学生的回复截止日期. 在此截止日期和时间内不得有任何例外.
    • 2024年4月15日: Completed 2023 federal tax returns (including all schedules) should be uploaded to your 清晰的应用程序 by this date for all 返回 澳门助学金获得者.


  • 乔纳森·扎克摄

    乔纳森 Zucker